» WiiSpray one on Spiegel-Online.de and WiiSpray IS NOT MADE FOR PAINTING BUILDINGS

Today i got emails from some friends, with a link to Spiegel-online.de.


In this way we like to thank Spiegel Online and “Sascha Koesch / Fee Magdanz / Robert Stadler” for the article. But please during the next articles work with more precison, maybe you understand somthing wrong …

WiiSpray IS NOT MADE FOR PAINTING BUILDINGS, it’s a technical experiment!


“What is the „WiiSpray“ project?

Basically it is not about replacing real graffiti as a form of art. WiiSpray is rather to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level outside of the real existing world.”

WiiSpray Press Release Text 

now we have to go back to work and write new software for WiiSpray v2 and its new hardware.

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