» WiiSpray Teaser of Final Presentation

In this video you can have a short look into the final diploma presentation of WiiSpray 2nd edition on March 25th 2009 at eWerk with a small audience. Remember – this is only Nintendo Wii technics and Flash!

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

Video recorded by Maria Jesus, final editing by Neonaut.


if vimeo won‘t work youll find it also on youtube
WiiSpray Teaser

» Bluetooth & Wiimote on OS X

My suggestion for WiiMote Mac!
if you don‘t wanna go crazy: forget the internal bluetooth adapter on a MacBook Pro. It crashes many times because it doesn‘t provide the full bluetooth 2.0 EDR range | speed.
My suggestion: Hama Nano. (works without any driver).

» Wii Remote to tripod adapter – No more Duct Tape!

I did a Adpater to connect a Wii ReMote to a standart camara tripod!
so if some one is interested …. let me know !  price will be less than 10 $…


» Wii Spray – Thesis & Documentation

cover index page28-29

page38-39 page66-67 page124-125

Wii Spray - Thesis & Documentation – a Book with 196 PAGEs
(sorry only GERMAN! )

» Wii Spray-server 0.2


Now finaly the Wii Spray-server is  done!
In fact that we need more and particular different funktions,
we had to wrote an own Server.
He based basically on Open source version of the Wii Flash-server
for OS X by Alan Ross, plus the two libraries WiiRemoteJ and BlueCove .

more after the 25th. of march