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My suggestion for WiiMote Mac!
if you don‘t wanna go crazy: forget the internal bluetooth adapter on a MacBook Pro. It crashes many times because it doesn‘t provide the full bluetooth 2.0 EDR range | speed.
My suggestion: Hama Nano. (works without any driver).

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  1. So if I buy a Hama Nano BT adapter my wiiMote will attach to my Mac each and every time I attempt to connect? Because the “fails every other time” thing is killing me right now.

  2. admin

    i know the internal BT adapter sucks a lot, but its can be also the newest version of bluecove 2.1. if you are using it than please take a look on

  3. Oh man! So that’s what it is! I’ve been having a similar problem using the Max/MSP aka.objects driver on my MacBook Pro! It never works the first time, but I just have to quit Max, pull out the Wii remote’s batteries, then connect again. It ALWAYS works the second time.

    I thought it was just crappy code in aka.objects, but it’s actually my laptop! Damn you Apple! Thanks for posting this….

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