» WiiSpray Teaser of Final Presentation

In this video you can have a short look into the final diploma presentation of WiiSpray 2nd edition on March 25th 2009 at eWerk with a small audience. Remember – this is only Nintendo Wii technics and Flash!

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

Video recorded by Maria Jesus, final editing by Neonaut.


if vimeo won‘t work youll find it also on youtube
WiiSpray Teaser

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  1. Schick is es geworden..!

  2. Tiago Leal

    Awesome man… I want to try it out :)

  3. Fetten Respekt Lihse! Und nochmal Glückwunsch zum super Diplom!

  4. Awesome stencil support!

  5. Wie geil! :)
    Ich will, ich will, ich will …
    … den Bundestag volltaggen!

  6. Fede

    ..oooohhh…i’m so proud of you my dear……ready for the marriage!!!!
    my brother says that you are a fukin’ genious!!!!

  7. admin

    so i take u serious my sunshine. i miss a lot our time as we lived in lisboa! kisses my princesa!

  8. There are no words for how cool you are for making this.Miyamoto be praised!

  9. Brilliant guys, this is even cooler than the penciil :)

  10. Jus One

    Graff is getting so out drawn and play out for all youngins (wack ass toys) out tere the only way to experience real graff life is live it, be it, do it.

  11. JUAN

    When is this releasing, so I’ll stop getting arrested. Seriously WHEN?

  12. Inger

    ooooh, I’d so buy that!

  13. I just know WiiSpray, really cool!
    Posted this on CGDigg:

  14. perfect xD

  15. Technology news

  16. patrick kling

    I want to play with that wii spray thingi!!

  17. muy buenooo!

    post en arteurbano.tv

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