» WiiSpray Upgrade – WiiSpray can paint sound!

as I had a bit of time here in Columbia i developed – inspired by StopIt – a new version of the WiiSpray software. WiiSpray got a beta version of a sequenzer and is now able to send OSC!!! This means that your drawings can control audio / light / etc. Live and in realtime – video is coming soon!

» support by locals

we like to say thank you to the local company »KWS« especially his owners Jost Klingenschmidt and André Wildner for supporting the WeSpray project.


» iPhone, Arduino & Flash CS5

by the way how to connect your iPhone to an Arduino via bluetooth and a socket server in between!

» New 2010 WiiSpray Shirts!

the New WiiSpray / WeSpray 2010 shirts!
If someone like it we take pre-orders via email!

» WiiSpray becomes to WeSpray!

WiiSpray becomes to WeSpray.

This next version will work without the Nintendo Wii hardware.
This means that there will be no legal or technical restrictions anymore and it will practically be compatible with most gaming consoles and PC’s. Now after 8 months testing under almost every condition and with a big target group i know what i have to improve on both hardware and software. For sure one point will be the weight – even though the weight of the current prototype is not more than the weight of a regular spray can.
If i have enough time i might improve the simulation of a real spray can’s physical characteristics.

WeSpray it self will be Opensource on the Software side!
This means everyone can be creative and write his own Software!

» Wii Spray Stencil

Wii Spray Stencil ®

is one of some new powerfull tools that will advance your creative possibilities in a really tangible way! Use your images as Stencil, simply by upload to the web-interface!

Wii Spray Stencil DspacerWii Spray Stencil C

Wii Spray Stencil AspacerWii Spray Stencil B

Wii Spray Stencil – Beta from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

Music: 1983 – Flying Lotus

Stencilset: by Target

alternatively: YouTube

PS. Sorry for the late update, but i broke my arm … !

» Wii Spray honered with iF design award


Wii Spray is officially honored with the famous iF communication design award.
The submission was signed under the category »product interfaces«.

This year 377 competition entries — out of a total of 1,368 entries submitted from 24 different nations — received an iF communication design award.

The iF awards are considered to be one of the most important design awards worldwide. Being honored with the iF communication design award gives not only scores for the iF ranking, but also for the national rankings of the »PAGE« and »W&V Werben und Verkaufen«  magazines. All of the honoured submissions are to be described – in both english and german language – and depicted in the iF yearbook communication 2009 and also at the iF online exhibition. The iF yearbook is a worldwide known reference book.

Out of the pool of winners, the jury also selected 30 to receive an additional »iF gold award« honoring particularly outstanding design achievements within the scope of the competition. These 30 iF gold awards of the iF communication design award 2009, will not be announced until August 28th, the day of the official awards ceremony.

The IF jury for the comunication design 2009

This year’s international jury was composed of the following members: Kathryn Best (Consultant, Author and Academic in Design, Management and Innovation, United Kingdom), Carsten Gluth (C3 CARPE CONNECT COMMUNICATIONS GmbH, Hamburg/Germany), Hubert Grothaus (dc designcompany agentur GmbH, Munich/Germany), Gregg Heard (Royal Philips, Amsterdam/ Netherlands), Tom Hirt (ERCO GmbH, Lüdenscheid/Germany), Anne Kurth (formfindung, Cologne/Germany), Boris Lakowski (Sternsdorf Lakowski & Partner, Frankfurt am Main/Germany), Jou Min Lin (J.M. Lin Architect – The Observer Design Group, Taipei/Taiwan), Markus Lüdemann (LG Mobile, Düsseldorf/Germany), Prinz M. Pinakatt (The Coca Cola Company, London/United Kingdom), Markus Rachals (adidas AG, Herzogenaurach/Germany), Andreas Rotzler (Interbrand Zintzmeyer & Lux, Zurich/Switzerland), Arne Schultchen (feldmann+schultchen design studios GmbH, Hamburg/Germany), Dr. Andreas Siefke (HOFFMANN UND CAMPE VERLAG GmbH, Hamburg/Germany), Hans-Henrik Sørensen (Designit AS, Aarhus/Denmark), Jennifer Tsai (Proad Image Design, Taipei/Taiwan) and Alessandro Balossini Volpe (Independent Management Consultant in Marketing and Communication, Milan/Italy).

» WiiSpray Teaser of Final Presentation

In this video you can have a short look into the final diploma presentation of WiiSpray 2nd edition on March 25th 2009 at eWerk with a small audience. Remember – this is only Nintendo Wii technics and Flash!

WiiSpray Teaser from Martin Lihs on Vimeo.

Video recorded by Maria Jesus, final editing by Neonaut.


if vimeo won‘t work youll find it also on youtube
WiiSpray Teaser

» Bluetooth & Wiimote on OS X

My suggestion for WiiMote Mac!
if you don‘t wanna go crazy: forget the internal bluetooth adapter on a MacBook Pro. It crashes many times because it doesn‘t provide the full bluetooth 2.0 EDR range | speed.
My suggestion: Hama Nano. (works without any driver).

» Wii Remote to tripod adapter – No more Duct Tape!

I did a Adpater to connect a Wii ReMote to a standart camara tripod!
so if some one is interested …. let me know !  price will be less than 10 $…