» Wii Spray 2nd edition

Wii StehendWii EinsetzenWii Spray front

ColorTableWii Akku


» Designed for regular use with the Nintendo Wii and for the
three Dimensional interaction concept of Wii Spray.

» A real add-on for the Wii, just plug the Wii Remote in the
Wii Spray Can and start!

» Buttonless design, easy use for left-and-right-handed persons. 
Wii Spray uses an input interface similar to the Montana donut system.

» Pressure sensitive valve, up to 128 Values.

» Up to 128 different caps - inexpensive technology (less than 40 cent)
and build to resist!

» Interactive color display with the possibillity to show
the color level in six steps! just in case…

» USB port for charging the battery and load the latest firmware.

» the Wii Spray 2nd  edition controller is able to sense its distance to the wall you are spraying on.


thanks to Jens Hauspurg!

© Martin Lihs 2007-2009

» Montana Cans & Wii Spray

Since yesterday Montana Cans has taken the role of our official
support for Wii spray. We think that this step will be beneficial for both:
the writer and developer.




In thinking of Target i thought a stencil option could be nice…
so what you see here is 100% made with WiiSpray second edition 
and his engine!

Thx to Target for the demo stencil set

» WiiSpray one on Spiegel-Online.de and WiiSpray IS NOT MADE FOR PAINTING BUILDINGS

Today i got emails from some friends, with a link to Spiegel-online.de.


In this way we like to thank Spiegel Online and “Sascha Koesch / Fee Magdanz / Robert Stadler” for the article. But please during the next articles work with more precison, maybe you understand somthing wrong …

WiiSpray IS NOT MADE FOR PAINTING BUILDINGS, it’s a technical experiment!


“What is the „WiiSpray“ project?

Basically it is not about replacing real graffiti as a form of art. WiiSpray is rather to be seen as an interface to give graffiti a new virtual level outside of the real existing world.”

WiiSpray Press Release Text 

now we have to go back to work and write new software for WiiSpray v2 and its new hardware.

» Prototype 2 is DONE!

The second prototype of WiiSpray is done. New Design, features and hardware.
What can i say…. please be patiently and give a litte bit more time, so that i can write the theory part my Diploma …